5 Things To Do In Rome With PrettyLittleThing

1. Take a selfie in front of a landmark

My Instagram may not be full of selfies but it's a completey different story if you were to look at my camera roll from my holidays. As much as I love getting the perfect shot for my Instagram with the perfect lighting, the perfect angle and the perfect camera lense I think it's important to collect personal photos for memories. 

2. Eat pizza overlooking the Colosseum

This one is a must and probably one of the highlights of the trip. It doesn't get much better than sitting on a roof top restaurant with a fresh Italian pizza while taking in the views of the Colosseum. I vistied in the day time for lunch but I can only imagine how dreamy it looks at night as well.

3. Book a hotel room with a balcony view of Rome

If you get the opportunity to book a Hotel with a Balcony view I would highly recommend it (not just for the instagram posts either). We stayed at Suite Sistina which was located down a little street a few minutes walk from the Spanish steps. So not only did we have a great view, we had the perfect location too.

4. Explore The Streets Of Rome After Dark

In a city filled with so much history and decadence, you could easily spend your nights in Rome doing something different every evening but as we were only there for a short time we wanted to spend our nights exploring Rome, sitting outside cute restaurants with a glass of wine, people watching. That might make us sound old but it was so nice to take everything in and enjoy ourselves in the moment.

5. Wait 15 Minutes For The Perfect Instagram Shot

Have you ever looked at those inspo accounts on instagram and always thought to yourself 'how can I get a picture like that?'  Well the secret is you have to get up at 7am when the streets are empty and the tourist spots are quite, so you can get that Pinterest worthy photo. But if  like me and you like your sleep too much to make that kind of commiment the next best thing is to wait at your chosen location for 15 minutes while you watch all the other tourists take their selfies so you can be the first to step in line to get that perfect instagram shot. 


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