At the young age of 16 I started my very first blog, mainly discussing my favourite trends and designers, until I began to document my own personal style. After seeing a strong growth in my audience and in myself from a young 16 year old girl to an adult I decided to relaunch my blog. www.iamgeorgwhite.com started back in 2014 and has been growing ever since. You will find topics from my daily wardrobe choices to beauty, lifestyle and my travels.


Exploring new cities and traveling to new destinations is one of my favourite things to do. Travel has become an important aspect of my life so it's only fair that I share this amazing experiences with you.

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In my eyes, the most important category. Fashion is where it all started and the passion grew. You can count this as your online destination for all things fashion, shop all my looks and see what I'm currently lusting over (and much more)!

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The newest section of the blog is the Lifestyle section. Here you can read all about what is happening in my life, from as small as to what restaurants I am loving to more personal topics such as surgery and grief.

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"I Am Georg White is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog, written though the eyes of a twenty-something woman, for like minded woman."

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