Holiday prep with me

Half the fun of going on holiday is the getting ready and I don’t just mean the outfit planning and the mini fashion show you have before you pack. I’m talking about the  getting to treat yourself to all your pamper needs, from Facials to the mani and Pedi’s.

I have recently returned from an amazing trip from Mykonos and while I will be sharing all my holiday looks with you over the next couple of posts I always wanted to share with you my holiday prep. By no means am I a beauty expert or trying to be a beauty blogger but I wanted to share with you what works for me incase you are in need of some pamper inspiration.

The Skin Prep.

If I could tell my younger self anything it is to pay more attention to your skin. It’s something I always took for granted and even though I have been lucky in the sense I have never suffered from bad skin or acne I have defiantly started to realise how important your skincare routine is. It is overwhelming with the endless amount of products their is to buy and for me personally I don’t even know where to start. Which is where Limoz Logli comes to the rescue.

I booked in a visit to Limoz Logli a week before my holiday. They are your one stop shop for all your beauty needs and even though I could have spent all day there getting pampered head to toe I knew my skin was in need of a glow so their skin treatment were my main focus.

My skin is very dehydrated and often puffy and just very ‘blah’ (I blame it on the London Underground) so I wanted a facial that would help realise toxins and refresh my bland skin, which is when I was recommended the Purelift facial.

The Purelift facial is a non invasive face lift which uses electrical muscle stimulation, to effectively exercise your face. The result: Contoured cheekbones; re-energised and glowing skin and restored skin elasticity. It only takes 30 minutes and you walk out a new woman, my skin was instantly glowing and I received so many compliments on how soft my skin looked. Before having the facial I didn’t know what to expect, I went in knowing it might not be as relaxing as your usual facial considering it does involve muscle stimulation but even though the sensation is unusual it was still as relaxing as your usual facial and if not more effective.

To see a list of Limoz Logli services you can visit their website here.

Mani and Pedi

This one goes without saying. It’s an essential in my mind because let’s face it, we are much nicer people when we have a nice Mani and Pedi. Well I defiantly am anyway! I don’t splurge a lot on beauty treatments each month purely for the fact I find it hard to find the time, plus I don’t think paying for all my beauty treatments monthly is a valid enough excuse not to pay my rent (even though I wish it was) but a Mani and Pedi is something I do allow myself to get monthly. Mainly because I don’t want to offend people with my chipped nail varnish!

All things hair

Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay groomed on holiday especially when it comes to this topic. Thankfully this is something I have prepped for months ago when I started my hair removal treatment with Skin Health Spa.

Hair removal is something I have wanted to get done for ages but it’s something I always put off just because of the pure fear of the pain as I have heard some horror stories but I finally bit the bullet and started my treatment at the start of the year. I am starting with lower legs and under arms, I thought this was the safest place to start off with and if I was happy with the results I would do my upper legs and dreaded bikini area.

I have had 5 sessions now and they say you would roughly need 6 so I am not finished but I am so happy with the results already. A few things to keep in mind while having hair removal is that you can not wax or be in the sun 6 weeks before your session so I am currently on hold for my next appointment until my tan sadly fades but it is defiantly worth every minute.

Once my treatment is fully finished I am going to write a full blog post as I have so many questions about it and I know a lot of you are interested in the finer details.

You can find more information about Skin Health Spa here.

A trip to Bellezza Clinic 

I have a full blog post coming up on my trip to Bellezza Clinic as it’s something I want to discuss in detail and bring you along for the journey on but I wanted to mention it within this blog post as my trip to Bellezza Clinic defiantly made me feel more confident on my holiday so felt like it needed a mention.

Three weeks before my trip I booked myself an appointment with Bellezza Clinic, I didn’t have a treatment in mind I just knew I wanted to discuss my options regarding my on going issue with my jaw line. I have mentioned it endlessly but just in case you aren’t aware, two years ago I had surgery which involved two broken jaws and jaw realignment. It left me swollen and bruised which was to be expected but two and a half years later I am left with an uneven face due to scar tissue not healing on the left side.

It’s something a lot of people don’t notice but for me it’s my main hang up so I wanted to see if their was a treatment they could offer me to help my jaw look a little more contoured and potentially help me bring some bone structor to my face. That’s when Sesbation (the man behind the power house) suggested their fat dissolving treatment, it’s a very straight forward procedure and completely pain free (in my opinion). After a few injections any my skin/lower jaw I was good to go, I was left achy and a little swollen but had no real after affects. It can take up to 2-3 session to notice a big difference but I have already noticed a slight difference just after my one treatment. I am going to document my journey as I mentioned above where I will bringing you along to my next appointments and showing you before and after.

I just want to stress how important it is to do your research when looking for a clinic, there are so many different options out there now with clinics competing with the cheapest prices but it is so important you go with the right clinic with fully trained staff regardless of the price tag. I was recommended Bellezza clinic so I knew I was in safe hands, they also won the Best Boutique Beauty Clinic in London 2018 which gave me the reassurance I needed.

You can see more information about Bellezza clinic here.

What is your holiday prep routine?




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