Finding Inspiration Again.

Ever since lock down begun I have really been struggling to feel inspired and to remain creative. I usually find instagram my main source of inspiration daily but lately it’s been a place I have been avoiding. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend my evenings scrolling and probably still will (I hate to admit it’s become a bit of a habit) but instead I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

I’ve had my Pinterest account for years now and even though I’ve always made a habit to check in on it now and again (mainly for inspirational quotes) I’ve never used it to it’s best ability until now.

If you’re wondering why i’m telling you this it’s because it’s been a great escape for me and my sanity. Not only does it feed me with inspiration it also helps me find motivation to create again. So if you’re struggling to feel inspired I hope this post motivates you to start creating mood boards and sourcing your own inspiration on Pinterest because it may be simple but trust me, it helps.