Skincare Favourites

One of my most requested videos is a skincare routine and although I still plan on filming one I thought it would be best to share my favourite skincare products in a post so you don’t have to wait any longer. I really have no excuse as to why the video still isn’t out so this is my way of making it up to you.

I try my best to mix up my skincare routine every now and again to see if I find a new product that is better than the last and just to give my face a breather as I’ve heard using the same products over and over can be bad for your skin (If that’s true or not I still don’t know but I go with it anyway). When it comes to skincare I always find it’s trial and error, what might work for you one month might not work the next and it’s important to keep in mind everyone’s skin is different so what works for me might not work for you.

Nonetheless I wanted to share the products I’ve been using, these products are the products I either use daily or always reach for when having a pamper.