5 things I do before working out!

Aside from fashion and beauty one of the main topics in my DM’s is regarding fitness, what workouts do I do, what do I eat in a day? and mainly how do I find the motivation to work out?

The reason I’ve never really shared all of the above is because I’m no expert and I’m still learning myself but I’ve done a lot of reflecting during lockdown and I want to give back and help more. I know me sharing my workouts and motivational tips is hardly ground breaking but I know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut mentally and physically so if I can help inspire and build at least one of woman up then it would all be worth while.

I’m going to go into this in more detail, maybe in the next blog posts but for now I wanted to share 5 things I do before working out which I believe help me stay on track!

  1. Plan my workouts. Make a schedule.

If I wake up and I have to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what workout I’m going to be doing that day I will automatically lose focus and undoubtedly end up laying on my bed and sticking Netflix on (FRIENDS is always the series of choice). Every Sunday night in bed I plan my workouts for the week, I personally use the Tone & Sculpt app which has a weekly schedule built into it (I’ve included a print-screen for your reference) but if you don’t use tone and sculpt I would suggest using google calendars or your notes section on your iPhone to plan out your week. I’m someone who needs structor and a clear plan so this helps me a lot!

2. Good gym wear.

I know this sounds so simple but honestly having a gym kit that fits well and makes you feel good makes such a huge to actually getting you to want to work out. I look forward to putting a new gym kit on now and my addition to buying new gymwear has become a bit of a problem but it seriously does help! After all when you look good you feel good. I’ve listed a few of my favourite gym kits below.

no products

3. Make a good playlist.

The choice of playlist can really change the whole mood of my workout. Find a playlist that uplifts your mood and is full of your favourite songs that reminds you of good memories and I will promise you you will get through your workout in what feels like half the time. I’ve my current favourite playlist below which I play on repeat.

My current favourite workout playlist.

4. Pre Work Out

This is something I’ve only implanted into my workouts in the last month or so but I honestly can’t remember what I use to do without it. I don’t drink caffeine or tea anymore (that’s a story for another time) and working two jobs can sometimes take it’s toll, I would always be too tired to work out or I wouldn’t be able to make it through a whole workout without giving up half way through but since taking Pre work out I have so much more energy and even though I believe a good nights sleep and a good diet is the key to more energy sometimes we all need a bit of extra help and there’s nothing wrong with that. Pre work out is my version of coffee. You can find the pre work out I use here.

5. Mindset.

Unfortunately I can’t link you to a page where you can purchase this, this is something you’ll have to teach yourself. Changing your mindset towards working out is easier said than done (it took me years) but the more you do it the easier it will become. I use to see working out as a chore, something I HAD to do and something that I had to tick off my to do list but now I wake up wanting to work out and a feeling I miss if I don’t fit it into my day. Since working out regularly I’ve noticed what a difference it makes to my mood and mindset and it’s a feeling I love, so it no longer feels like a chore, its a choice! Remind yourself why you’re doing it and remind yourself how good you will feel after you’ve completed your workout and you’re already half way there.