Three rules for dressing for Fashion Week

When it come’s to Fashion Week it’s very easy to get caught up in looking the best and thinking you need to go all out with your outfit in order to stand out but if I have learnt anything over my many years of attending fashion week it’s to stay true to yourself and your style, just be yourself!

Some people can pull off loud, over the top outfits and that’s great for them but for me I have come to realise that less is more, which is what I have to remind myself when it comes to outfit planning for the most fashionable week of the year. This last year especially I feel like I have really found my style, something I always thought I knew until I started to look back at photos and I realised I was wearing trends for the sake of it being a trend. So when it come’s to fashion week I have a few simple rules;

Rule one – You don’t have to mix in with the crowd.

If anything it’s best not to fit in with the crowd but as I previously mentioned it is so easy to want to wear all the trends and stand out in order to fit in or get photographed for the street style pages.

Rule two – Comfort is key.

Fashion week isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, it usually involves a lot of walking (or running which often happens when the shows are running late) so even though you may think heels are the way to go I usually opt for trainers, I also love the way they add a laid back feel to your outfit.

Rule three  – Only wear brands/designers you love!

Now you probably think this one goes without saying but you will be surprised at how many being at prone to wearing brands or designers that they wouldn’t usually wear in the hope of getting photographed or noticed because they are wearing ‘the designer jacket we all need’, or purely for the fact that they don’t want to disappoint a brand or PR by saying no. I’m talking from experience here, I was once a naive 16 year old who wanted to look cool and thought my original outfit would never stand out enough at fashion week.

I feel most comfortable and confident in an outfit when I follow these rules as I truly love the outfit I am wearing. Which brings me onto my last look for fashion week, a head to toe Very look! I like to call this my ‘Chloe look for less’, the full outfit gives me serious Chloe vibes but for high-street prices. You can get the Cord jumpsuit for as little as £35, it has a tie up waist which makes it super flattering or  remove the tie waist and add an oversized belt which is how I plan to wear it next. I also teamed with trainers as I knew I would be running around all day and a men’s shirt to smarten the whole look up but I would also wear with a roll neck which is how the styled it on their site and I completely love.



Shop the look here.




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